Property Insurance

There is nothing like a natural disaster to test just what your property insurance is made of. You've heard many stories of rude awakenings, with policies not covering as much as one thought it would. The last thing you would want, should your business suffer the misfortune of a loss, is a delay in…

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Manageable Risks - Self-insurance

The perfect coverage for an orange means nothing if you're an apple. There's no such thing as ordinary business and as such you should never settle for ordinary insurance. And yet too many businesses settle for 'one size fits all' insurance policies that in the end fits no one. As the nature, style and risks of business change, your company will need to respond with insurance coverage relative to your business.…

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Directors & Officers Liabilities

It goes without saying that when your main asset is your people, your main risk may come from people as well. In recent years, this has become one of the trickiest aspects of insurance and with the trend claiming millions in damages spreading everywhere, premium costs for liability insurance is skyrocketing. Around the globe fewer insurers are offering liability policies and specialty risks are getting harder and harder to cover. It is simple commonsense to protect you and your employees in which negligence, some act or omission on your part exposes the Directors & Officers to claims for remedies from third parties. This is where Marathon comes in.…

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Business Interruption

You have plans for uninterrupted efficiency and success. But some times Mother Nature has other plans. How do you protect against losses should there be a temporary shutdown of your business?

Marathon, through our local and international insurance and reinsurance partners, will source the appropriate Business Interruption Insurance to protect you against shutdowns resulting from property damage.…

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Employees Benefits

Increasingly, Employee Benefits is becoming a key magnet to attract the “cream of the crop” and to keep the best talents you have. Unfortunately, it is also one of the fastest rising costs to businesses. The largest line item [Health Insurance] on your employee benefits budget is also typically the hardest to maintain due to rapidly rising premiums.

Employee benefits packages do not come cheap and costs can rise exponentially as your company expands. Furthermore, once you offer a benefit, it is awkward to take it away should the economy turn south.…

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Personal Insurance

If you think your personal business can't expect to get big business service, think again. As expert negotiators with years of bargaining experience, we have what it takes to secure a better deal with the big that you are always assured of the best possible outcome. We fully understand that your investment in a home and a car is perhaps the single largest financial commitment that you may ever make, and therefore, you deserve and should expect our full attention.…

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